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The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association of Western Australia is an independent trust fund with no direct affiliation to any other organisation.


Subject to our review of a properly submitted application, we can provide financial assistance to refrigeration and air conditioning apprentices and trainees in Western Australia for the following.

  • Rewards and recognition prizes for apprentice and trainee performance

  • Contributions to post trade (e.g. diploma level) course costs

  • Purchase of text books or learning materials

  • Assistance with travel costs or freight of tools for attendance at Worldskills finaL

  • Assistance with the costs of attending specialised training courses for individuals or the running of such courses for groups 


In addition, for funding activities aligned with the objectives of trust, the board of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association can provide mentoring for apprentices and trainees. The board is comprised of successful Western Australian refrigeration and air conditioning industry identities committed to the industry and many are previous award winners. Contact the secretary to best identify your need.


The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association is an independent trust fund with no direct affiliation to any other organisation.


The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) is the national body that administers the provisions of the regulations under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989, designed to reduce emissions of environmentally harmful refrigerant gases. A refrigerant Trading Authorisation is required when a business or individual wish to acquire, possess or dispose of refrigerant and anyone wanting to install, service any piece of refrigerant and air conditioning equipment must be a licensed technician under the regulations. 


The Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA) is a nationwide trade association serving companies that operate in the commercial/industrial sector of the industry. AMCA has been serving the industry members since 1961. AMCA partner with the Allan Robert Memorial Fund and other groups in running the Western Australian refrigeration and air conditioning industry annual awards night.


The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) represents industry professionals who are of fundamental, and increasing importance to the comfort , health and safety of the community. Formed in 1920, AIRAH is recognised by government and industry bodies for its expertise across wide range of issues in the area of engineering services for the built environment. 

AIRAH produces a range of very useful technical publications and provides engineering training courses specific to the HVAC industry. AIRAH has a "technician" membership level and is very active in Western Australia with regular site visits and specialist presentations by industry experts.  AIRAH also conducts an annual trade night which is essential viewing for industry participants. ​


The Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers Association of Australia (AREMA) represents the interests of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment manufacturers active in the Australian market. They work with government and industry formulation and regulation to achieve the best outcomes for their members and the wider community.


The Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services Exhibition (ARBS) is a bi-annual event held alternatively in Sydney or Melbourne. The event connects industry professionals, engineers, contractors and technicians with global product and solution providers. Exhibitors display their latest products, systems and service innovations. Speakers provide seminars on cutting edge technologies and best practice. This event is an ideal opportunity for apprentices and trainees to connect and network with industry peers, colleagues, designers, contractors and suppliers. ARBS is also used as the venue for finals of World Skills for refrigeration and air conditioning industry competitors. 

South Metropolitan TAFE -

South Metroplotan TAFE is the principal training organisation for refrigeration and air conditioning apprentices and trainees in Western Australia. Offering a full suite of "off the job" apprentice training modules, along with post trade courses, specialised in diploma courses, the TAFE is well equipped to provide all levels of industry training. 

World Skills -

Worldskills Australia promotes and builds a skills culture, celebrates excellence and showcases vocational education training, trades and apprenticeships. The organisation achieves this by engaging in research, promoting skills, building careers, focusing on education and skills competitions and leadership programs. The Allan Roberts Memorial Fun is committed to supporting the efforts of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Apprentices from Western Australia to compete in Worldskills competitions.

 Deserving First Year Apprentice                             Best Performing in Pre-Apprentice Studies

                    CITY              COUNTRY                              2008     Mark Stringer

1977/78    Ian Wooten           Kim Cramer                      2009    Emmett Forrester      

1979         Gary Napier          Michael May                     2010     Robert Green

1980         Mark Taranto        Ian Thorley                        2011     Dein Diver 

1981         Braden Short         Peter Flakemore              2012    Nathan Liptay     

1982         Jim Maddaford     Grant Walton                    2013     Reece J Young     

1983         Raymond Sterret   John Evans                       2014    Lachlan Pillage    

1984         Kurt Jones             Alan Richardson               2015    George Rogers 

1985         Andrew Eagleton  Robert Gavlik                   2016    Shane Robert Stone      

1986         Vincent Gargano   Trevor Walsh                                   

1987         Francis Hodge       Paul Ryan                                             

1988         Troy Duncan         Gregory Harvey           

1989          Evan Perry          Ricky Clarke                           

1990          Jeffrey Hall         Mahammad Lana                    

1991          Dean Willans      Michael Schenk                      

1992          David Christie     John Hallinan                      

1993          Steven Rukavina   James Brooking             

1994          Graeme Corps      Nicholas Lane                    

1995          Tom Hagan           Lathan Lucas                    

1996          John Burton          Dennis Bennett                

1997          Shane Garvey        Leslie Smith                       

1998          Mark Mettimano     Zane Tills                         

1999          Matthew Hamilton  Wayne Seivwright                       

2000         Matthew Duncan      Aaron Bailey

2001         Peter Jones                Craig Surral         

2002         Cameron Munrowd   Keith yardley

Best Performance in the 1st year apprentice training          

2003         Paul Tupling

2004         Richard Reeves                            Most Deserving student in 2nd year of apprentice training  

2005         David Smith                                  2015      Codie Carroll                                              

2006         Stuart Charles Clayton

2007         Rob Boyce

2008         Maxwell Richards                         Best performance in diploma studies

2009         Beau Barrett                                  2004      Darren Chiffings                  

2010         Cameron Pruden                          2005      Pierre Lim-Fat

2011         Daniel Jordan Smith

2012         Michael Dybac

2013         Nathan Giles                                 Best Performance in the Advanced Diploma of Engineering                           

2008     Seongjin Jeong                                 2014         Kurt Markwick 

2015         Duncan Davis                                                                        

2016         Gavin Raymond Wardle

Most Deserving student in 2nd year of apprentice training

2014         Clinton Cox

2015         Brian Ellis

2016         Jacob Daniel Eves      

Most Improved in the diploma of R&AC

2009        Greg Waters

2010        Tim Hurry

2011        Michael Anthony

2012        Simbarashe Phanu Mawere

2013        Ian Brown 

Most Deserving Student in 1st Year Apprentice Training

2003     Matthew Aargren 

2004     Ross Boylan

2005     Steven Glasson

2006     Matthew Harvey Arcus

2007     Rowan Stowell

2008     Malcolm King

2013     Zach Davies

2014     Clinton Batten

2015     Lauren Stacey

2016     Hayden Reed Bickler

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The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association proudly offers financial support for training in airconditioning and refrigeration.


If you would like to apply, contact us.

Thanks for submitting!

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