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  • Who can apply for Financial Assistance?
    Any apprentice or other student currently enrolled in a recognized and relevant TAFE (WA) course can apply for Financial Assistance. The course or module must be a component of a HVAC qualification such as but not limited to - Diploma or advanced diploma - Certificates 2, 3 or 4 - Pre-apprentices
  • How much Financial Assistance is available?
    The R.A.C.I.A. will review all applications they receive. The review includes the circumstances that makes assistance for the applicant necessary. The R.A.C.I.A. will contact the applicant by phone to further discuss the request and may verify the information they receive, from third parties. If the application is approved, the R.A.C.I.A. will then arrange to make payment on your behalf. The typical application approved is between $500 - $1,000 and occasionally more.
  • What can the Financial Assistance be used for?
    The R.A.C.I.A. will review all requests for assistance, but typically the requests are - Buying TAFE required books - Tools of the HVAC trade - Interstate travel to attend workskills and other industry related awards or similar - Travel from remote WA to attend AFE block release - TAFE course tuition fees Note - other request types to the above list, can also be applied for
  • Do you give me the money?
    No, the R.A.C.I.A. will ONLY settle tax invoices provided by the applicant, directly to the approved commercial organisation that needs to be paid on your behalf. Occasionally the R.A.C.I.A. can reimburse you after you have paid.
  • Can I lodge a complaint against a company or person to do with the R & AC Industry?
    No, the R.A.C.I.A. cannot receive, not act upon any complaints. Out charter is very specific and we have no disciplinary powers what so ever.
  • How long does an application take to be approved?
    The R.A.C.I.A. team are all busy Industry Professionals and are all volunteers to the R.A.C.I.A. Your application may take from a week, up to 28 days to be reviewed and then approved. If your situation is urgent, please specify this urgency on your application.
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