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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association of Western Australia Funding Application Process


  • The applicant or proponent of an applicant completes the application details on the form in this document and submits a scanned copy (along with any supporting documentation) by email to the email provided.

  • Three members of the board will review the application and all three must agree prior to approval of funds.

  • All applications over $3000 will require a ‘face to face’ interview with the board.

  • As the board members are volunteers with busy industry positions, applications can take up to 28 days to process. If additional processing time is required, the applicant will be informed.

  • The decision of the board regarding an application is final, no correspondence will be entered into. The board may at its discretion, give a brief explanation as to why and application was not successful.

  • Receipts/Invoices must be presented prior to any funding be released to the applicant.


  • The funds of the board are finite, and the board has determined that only the income earned by the fund will be distributed each year, without erosion of the capital, other than in exceptional circumstances. The board advise applicants to be aware that even a complying and worthwhile application may not be funded for this reason alone.

  • A successful application is more likely if the documentation supplied is complete, accurate, easy to understand and supplied with relevant supporting letters or documentation. Extra pages should be used if the required information does not fit on the application form. 

How to lodge your application:

  • Scan the completed application form and all supporting documentation to one or more PDF files.

  • Provide copies of qualifications ie; trade certificate

  • Email the files to

  • Ensure maximum file size is 1MB. Send multiple emails if required to transmit all content.

  • Upon receipt, your application will acknowledge by email, including the number of documents received. 

  • You will be contacted if any additional information is required during the processing period. 

  • You will be advised of the outcome of your application after processing.​

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